Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Leave it to Texas...

To be the linchpin of the totally ludicrous, illogical, cruel, and selfish practice of canned hunting in the name of “conservation.” According to the story on 60 Minutes on January 29, Texas is home to the largest population of exotic wildlife in the country.  Exotic, endangered, and even extinct animals from all over the world are brought to and bred on Texas ranches. Why? For the purpose of “conservation,” i.e. so white men can make money off of other white men who like to commit murder.

A couple of ranch owners and patrons were interviewed and predictably resorted to the typical, non-sensical  argument that hunting these animals keeps them alive. It is only due to the “value” (derived from hunting) of these animals that many of them even still exist at all, as some have already gone extinct in the wild. Hunters, as I’ve heard only a million times, are the ultimate conservationists. If they were not hunting and placing a value on the heads of these animals, they would simply die out.

It is an argument as tired, old, and ridiculous as Rupert Murdoch. The hunters in the story claim that animal rights groups are their biggest enemies and it is because “[animal rights groups] just don’t understand what we’re doing.”

Excuse me? We animal rights people KNOW EXACTLY what you are doing and that is why we oppose it! Acquiring and breeding animals for the purpose of fulfilling your violent desires and easing the hurt of your fragile ego is simply not morally sound. It is exploitation, plain and simple. You can call it whatever you want- try to cover up that fact with dubious conservation claims, but the bottom line is still the same. Plus, how does it escape hunters that the very reason these animals are on the verge of extinction to begin with is because of people just like them? It is because of hunting that the animals are suffering! It is by virtue of the value attached to these animals that they are sought after and become murder victims, not in spite of it. 

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