Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Rules for Life

I think I have finally figured out the key to happiness, that apparently everyone but me was privy to long ago:

1. Do not talk about social issues/politics to anyone- even mentioning current events in passing has elicited much vitriol and resulted in personal attacks
2. Do not talk about myself unless asked, and then keep it short and to the point- no one wants the full story, I am not that interesting
3. Do not talk about work- no one understands my field or my job and they don't care
4. Do not ask anyone for favors- they don't want to do them and they feel put on the spot when asked, just take care of it myself

Am I forgetting anything?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Zimmerman was found not guilty, but he is surely not innocent

I want to slap the smile off his face, for to me it says, "I got away with it" and lacks any sign of remorse.

Do I think Zimmerman targeted Martin to murder in cold blood? No. He is the victim of a racist society that criminalizes young Black men. He is a wanna-be cop with a vigilante bug up his ass. He acted stupidly, irresponsibly, and against orders. It is for these things that he must take responsibility.

As for the Whites out there who revel in Zimmerman's verdict, who feel vindicated in their racist assumptions about Trayvon Martin, I have to say to you... FUCKING BE HONEST ABOUT WHO YOU ARE! If you feel as I have described then YOU ARE A RACIST.

I don't have time to school the ignorant in their intellectual and moral failings, but Tim Wise gets paid to do so. I suggest you check it out:

No Innocence Left to Kill

Also look at this assessment of the situation from the New York Times:

Blood on the Leaves