Friday, February 27, 2015

"We're not allowed to say anything racist, even if we aren't!"

Said multiple times by a coworker in the middle of a racist rant about how angry she is that that "they" can say anything they want but "we" can't.

Does anyone else see the irony here?

I present this with a tone sarcastic humor, but honestly this makes me very sad. It is an example of the many evils of the American psyche and another sticking point which separates me from nearly everyone else in the rural midwest. 

First of all, comments such as my coworker's speak to a disturbing and dangerous ignorance about the history of American culture and how the world works. It also implies, as does post-racialism in general, that racism is "ok" one way but not in the "reverse." It is an assertion of privilege among the already highly privileged. 

I'd like to ask White women such as my coworker how they'd feel were someone to say the same thing in regard to gender. "Those BITCHES. It isn't fair that they can call each other "bitches"and when WE call them that, they say we're sexist," says the patriarch. 

It is a petty complaint launched by people who have everything they need, much of what they want, and don't ask questions that lead to uncomfortable conclusions. 

Non-racists do not say "racist" things. Bottom line. If you have to qualify your intentions as "non-racist" then you ARE racist!

Finally, "reverse racism" rants are frequently launched in the company of other Whites, obviously under the assumption that since we share the same skin color category, we share the same sentiment. Quite an audacious, and quite mistaken, assumption. "We" don't all share your racial bias, and we do not appreciate your racist vitriol.